First Time Castle Buyers
It’s not a house you are buying it is a home, your haven. Most Kiwis’ strive to own their own home. We realise that buying or building your first home is a very exciting but challenging exercise. There is so much to think about when you take the big step into home ownership. Am I paying too much? Is this a good area and does it have the infrastructure we need? Of course above all, will we be happy here?

Your mortgage is no different. Chances are it is going to be with you for a long time, so you need to ensure you receive expert advice in choosing the right solution for you. Your Majesty Mortgage Adviser is a self employed business owner. We are here for the life of your loan to assist you with not only ensuring the purchase happens efficiently, but to help in efficiently managing your debt for the life of any loan(s) you require.

Existing Castle Owner
Products and services are continually evolving and as a result we will give you advice on your current home loan. This keeps your existing provider on their toes! May it be restructuring your existing loan, renegotiating the best interest rate, or if you are looking to buy another property we will provide you with free impartial advice. Give your Majesty Mortgage Broker a call first.