Residential Investors

Expanding your Empire
Residential property investment is one of New Zealand’s greatest wealth creation tools. There is nothing unique about investing in real estate. It is the most common investment vehicle utilised in our country.
There are approximately 180,000 property investors in New Zealand and guess what? They actually look just like you. The majority also have nine to five jobs or run completely separate businesses apart from their property investments.

Property Investment as a Business
The average investor only ever owns one to two properties at a time. Only 10 percent of people own more that two investment properties at a time and only 10 percent of people actually treat property investment as a business.
We believe the above point is a critical one and suggest for you to be a successful property investor, you treat your property investment as a business. Majesty Advisers help you set that mentality from the start and this will stand you in good stead.

Helping you to achieve your Investment Goals
Majesty has excellent experience in putting together residential investment applications to our preferred lenders. We look to diversify your risk portfolio while maximising your lending ability. It is extremely important that the right structure is in place from the onset. We have strong relationships with preferred professionals and can refer you to specialist Accountants and Solicitors.

Our hands on knowledge makes sure we focus on answering all of the questions associated with property investment and finance so you are prepared as possible for the journey ahead.