Why use a Mortgage Broker?

Big Decisions Made Easy
Firstly we listen. At Majesty Mortgage Brokers we will save you time and take the hassle out of what can be a very stressful process for many people. You may want to discuss what your existing bank is offering you or you may want to establish new foundations. Let us worry about the right solution and getting it arranged for you.

With access to 30 lenders offering 100 different products, we have the solution to every different situation. Different lenders have different strengths. We do not only offer one product and as a result this ensures you get the best overall package that suits you. As we do this every day we have our finger on the pulse and we place pressure on the lender ensuring you get the most competitive package. If we can’t get your loan approved, you can’t be approved (at a fair rate of interest).

Top Shelf Service
We can come and see you 24/7 and with all the correct information we can give you a speedy approval within a day. If you like Majesty can liaise with your existing professional relationships, or refer you to our preferred business partners. These include Registered Valuers, Accountants, Solicitors, Financial Planners and Insurance Brokers. This gets rid of the hassle and all you need to do is concentrate on finding your new home or investment property.

Professional People – Professional Service! All Majesty Mortgage Brokers are fully accredited with the New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association (NZMBA) / Professional Advisers Association (PAA). Only use an NZMBA/PAA accredited Broker (this is our equivalent to the Masters Builders Association). In additional to this we are also registered financial advisers (RFA).

Majesty is your long-term trusted adviser and you have the comfort of knowing that we work for you and not the corporates. Our Advisers are business owners so you will find that we have a very strong client management program designed to ensure you get the best advice from the same person on an on-going basis. May you need a Mortgage Broker in Wellington or Tauranga or anywhere throughout New Zealand give us a call first.

The best advice we can give you is to sit down with one of our Advisers regarding your personal circumstances, ensuring the right solution is offered for you. Or if you want too call us too simply ‘bounce some ideas’ around we are always happy to help!