Hand in hand.

Mortgage Finance and Insurance go hand in hand. Buying a property is a major step and one you’ll want to ensure is properly protected in the event of misfortune. Are you prepared for a financial emergency?

At Majesty we have access to a full range of insurance solutions and highly experienced Insurance & Risk specialists who will provide you with the right advice.

Life Insurance & Debt Protection.

When you buy a home and take out a mortgage, your whole risk profile changes dramatically. Life insurance is helpful in ensuring your family’s needs are covered if something happens to you.

Trauma Insurance.

In the event of serious disability or illness through an accident or health issue such as cancer or heart attack, Critical Illness and Trauma Cover will ensure a lump sum cash benefit is paid to you to help your recovery and give you the best chance of survival.

Income Protection & Mortgage Protection.

Income & Mortgage Protection usually pays a tax free monthly benefit in the event you cannot work due to injury or illness.

Medical Insurance.

We are fortunate to have New Zealand’s public health system which pays for many emergency related accidents and illness for its citizens. However, treatments under the public health care system often comes with long wait times.

Private Health Insurance provides you with access to the best possible care when and where you need it, and can fast track your recovery and treatment process.

House Insurance.

Insuring your house for its full replacement value is essential. The bank or lender will not advance the loan if the house is not adequately insured.

Contents Insurance.

While not essential, it is strongly recommended that you insure the contents of your family home. Contents insurance protects you in the event that an accident occurs and you lose all of your possessions i.e. in household fire or flood. For Landlords, a basic contents option is commonly available (generally for a maximum value of $5,000).